Cluj Innovation City will focus on the following industries


The healthcare industry is at CIC's core. The region offers world-class expertise in a range of medical disciplines, and is home to internationally recognised education institutions such as Cluj-Napoca Medical and Pharmacy University and  USAMV. Another key point to consider is the largest regional University Hospital to be built in the area. Cluj's healthcare industry is booming, with research already recognize in artificial blood and brain studies. 

CIC will provide established companies and newcomers alike links to research networks, laboratory and office space and many other site-based advantages. CIC offers to the firms operating in the healthcare and life sciences sectors opportunities for scientific collaboration, highly qualified graduates and set-up support,  which makes the ideal basis for growth and innovation.


Bio Economy

Bioeconomy covers all production systems involving biophysical and biochemical processes, including all life sciences and related generic technologies necessary to make useful products. It responds to the innovation needs of the various interrelated economic value chains: from the production of biomass in agriculture and forestry, to the end products in the food and energy sectors, and areas of industry such as the chemical, textile, paper and pharmaceutical sectors.

Cluj Innovation City’s mission is to stimulate sustainable economic development in the North ­West region of Romania by facilitating recruitment, formation, incubation and growth acceleration of small innovative bioeconomy business. Also, Cluj Innovation City will help disseminate the concept of “bioeconomy” to Cluj scientific and entrepreneurship community and will create a vision of achievement opportunities for Romania. In support of this actions a cluster focused on agriculture has emerged during 2013 and will join the project ecosystem. 



Energy Efficiency & Environment Protection

In the context of climate change and environmental and energy challenges, European Union encourages the development of smart specialization in order to support the sustainable growth. Cluj Innovation City, through its infrastructure, is designed to to be an example of intelligent interaction with the environment and also a catalizator of new and innovative technologies in green and renewable energy. 


Information Technology & Communications

Cluj ­Napoca is the most important educational and economic centre in Transylvania and the second largest in Romania after the Capital Bucharest and it has a long standing tradition in IT development. The beginnings of the computer sciences in Cluj are situated around the years 1960. The city of Cluj being one of the first academic centers of South­Eastern Europe, it is also home for more than 300 IT&C companies of all sizes, accounting for approximately 70% of Romania’s IT exports. In this context, Cluj Innovation City will support the the development of the IT industry in the direction of generating products with intellectual property, in order to enhance the innovation capabilities and competitiveness.