Cluj Innovation City is the Major Project of our community for our community and the region. Cluj Innovation City is bringing together the local authorities, the universities and the business community to foster the development of the city, the region and the country.  Cluj Innovation City is planned as an collaboration ecosystem and syncronized urban development project based on education, innovation and entrepreneurship, with the main goal to create a sustainable community in years to come.

Cluj-Napoca has built a solid reputation in recent years as the most important development centre in Romania, second only to Bucharest. Cluj is already the national ‘number one’ in IT services exports. The local municipality offers diverse assets, including the leading university and academic establishment within the country, a leading medical community and the Romania’s foremost IT industry. These assets combined make Cluj-Napoca a strong regional economic development pole.




Cluj Innovation City will create an innovation culture and foster collaboration between industry and academia. Cluj Innovation City will act as a magnet for companies searching for Research and Development services. This will automatically lead to highly qualified jobs and facilities for new businesses, academic alumni and experts. Cluj Innovation City wants to be a highly modern complex created to encourage companies, science and technology companies from Romania and abroad to establish their base of operations and research here.



Local valuable assets such as the academic environment, medical center, IT cluster, large number of graduates, make Cluj Innovation City the motor of development for the entire region. There will be additional positive spin-offs accompanying this development, derived from applied research targeting the whole region with innovative and sustainable solutions and the utilization of local assets. Cluj Innovation City will undoubtedly become the engine for innovation and sustainable economic development across the region of Transylvania. By developing a culture of deep and permanent collaboration between local organisations within our region, we are progressively establishing a climate of more competitive solutions to business problems through the promotion of innovation.



Based on the local assets, the close collaboration with the leading universities, and the rich entrepreneurship environment, Cluj Innovation City is aiming at becoming a significant Eastern European Innovation Hub. Start-ups can rely on local highly skilled human capital. Companies can also develop more competitive advantages by collaborating with applied research centres owned by universities. The current academic environment is already becoming more industry-oriented.  Current discoveries by local scientists in artificial blood and brain research confirm their international competitiveness and pedigree, and will furthermore contribute to the EU competitiveness with results in medical and agricultural field.



The city is designed not as a conglomerate of individual forces but as a network of working interactions between value creators. The whole infrastructure will facilitate cooperation and support, all the components being built as parts of an Ecosystem.

The innovation city requires a management authority responsible for:

  • guarding of the long-term strategy;

  • bridging political & academic power shifts;

  • synchronizing between local actors: public sector, academic and economic factors;

  • ensuring local community interests;

  • ensuring performance based management;

  • attracting public and private financing;

  • attracting companies & projects.

Cluj Innovation City Foundation represents the management responsible to carry out these requirements and to governance the future development of the city. Find out more about the project Governance.


Cluj Innovation City main location.


Based on the Cluj Innovation City Master Plan, 204 HA of land owned by the City Hall were allocated for the project components.

The CIC Project already started with the two regional centers: CREIC - Regional Center of Excellence for Creative Industries and TEAM - Technology, Evolution, Entrepreneurship, and Small enterprises.

Currently there are progress a 2km access four-lane road, biking roads, green areas and footways.