Cluj Innovation City Debates

Thursday, December 10, we started the Program Cluj Innovation City Debates, with the first topic Macroeconomics and social responsibility

Our speakers were Mr. Radu Preda, Professor at Babeș Bolyai University and Director of The Institute for the Investigation of Communist Crimes and the Memory of the Romanian Exile and Mr. Lucian Isar, economic analyst and President of Cluj Innovation City Foundation.

Approximately 60 invitees from banking, academia, business, local authorities, mayors, student organizations, and other representatives of the communities attended our interactive event and have expressed interest in supporting the Cluj Innovation City project.


Cluj Innovation City in EU Research and Innovation Report

" Private-sector R&I investments remain underdeveloped and have seen a continuous decline since 2000. The existing measures to promote private R&I investments are not fully commensurable with the challenges faced by local innovative enterprises, multinationals and start-ups. Moreover, there is visible mismatch between the skills needed by the knowledge market and the qualifications provided by academia that must be addressed. It is worth considering whether or not the system could benefit from replacing the current ‘one-size-fits- all’ interventions by targeted ones for innovative enterprises with proven successful track records. Moreover, the current unclear and contradictory provisions of the national framework of intellectual property rights make large companies somewhat reluctant to invest in innovation. The finalisation of the Employees Patents Law and the implementation guidelines are essential steps towards increasing foreign direct investments for innovative activities in Romania. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning a relatively recent, bottom-up trend in the country indicating a concentration of innovation resources around economic sectors, such as automotive or IT, or major research infrastructures in fields such as life sciences or nuclear physics, such as:
  • Cluj Innovation City, a business-driven cluster focused around four sectors: IT, energy, environment, and healthcare; 
  • European Light Infrastructure in Măgurele, a promising scientific-driven cluster; 
  • The Danube-Danube Delta-Black Sea Research Institute, which builds on the Danube Delta’s unique natural laboratory and, in addition, is strategically driven, as part of the Danube Strategy. "

Cluj Innovation City @ Expo Real, Munchen, 2014

The Cluj Innovation City project will be featured at Expo Real, in Munchen, the European largest real estate investment fair. We will be present under a unified marketing concept Transylvania Evolution joined by local authorities and local private projects.

A conference will be held on the 7th of October, 16:00, presenting opportunities in the area by the Mayor of Cluj-Napoca and County Council Vice President.

Visit our stand in Hall C2, booth 121.

Chinese investment interest in the project

Mayor Emil Boc recently returned from a visit in Ningbo, China, where the Cluj Innovation City brief was presented. The project raised investment interest from the Chinese side given the long term investment plan, completeness of vision and Chinese interest in the IT industry.


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Who can join Cluj Innovation City?

“As the total number of people who will work here, we estimate that it will reach about 20,000 people, both experts and professionals in related fields” - Alexandru Tulai, Chairman of the Board, Cluj IT Cluster

EU Commision President Barroso received a brief on the project

The Cluj Innovation Project was recently introduced to José Manuel Durão Barroso, President of the European Commission, by Traian Basescu, Romanian President, for building awareness at the EU level about the project. 



We also had an exchange on the Romanian proposal to further develop the technology cluster in Cluj – the ‘Cluj Innovation City’. I could see the enthusiasm that President Băsescu puts in that project. The Commission welcomes this kind of initiative, which fosters the transfer of knowledge and innovation and also the cooperation between research and business. I told President Băsescu that the European Union funding may be made available, provided, of course, that the proposed investments are in line with the objectives and priorities identified in the future operational programmes.

Attracting foreign private investor @ Expo Real Munchen 2013

Cluj IT Cluster joined forces with local authorities, Cluj-Napoca City Hall and Cluj County Council to promote local projects at one of the most important events for investors in Europe, Expo Real.
The most important presentation was for Cluj Innovation City, the project that attracted multiple investor interest from Western Europe and Middle East.

Agro Transilvania Cluster is launched

We greet the launch of one of our strategic partners in Cluj Innovation City, Agro Transilvania Cluster. They will be one of the critical actors in the Bio Economy industry vertical of the project. You can find out more about their activity here.

Their main objectives:

  • Create and develop a harmonious interaction between all stakeholders operating in the value chain in the agro-industrial complex.
  • Develop a platform for research, development and innovation. Drive the private sector towards innovation and technology transfer.
  • Support and promote project of common interest, including projects abroad.
  • Promote and encourage entrepreneurship by providing relevant solutions for the renewal and modernization of the sector.
  • Create tools and channels for effective information and opportunity management in the field.
  • Developing partnerships at home and abroad to achieve the objectives of the association.
  • Promote legislative initiatives designed to correct - or, if necessary - to regulate certain matters of interest to the industry.
  • Identify opportunities for collaboration towards financial support through various programs, partnerships, tools and / or banking operations.
  • Organization and participation / forums, symposiums, conferences, seminars, debates, etc., in the country abroad.
  • Conduct any activities necessary to achieve the goals and objectives of the association.
AgroTransilvania Cluster, cu sprijinul Consiliului Judeţean Cluj şi al Universităţii de Ştiinţe Agricole şi Medicină Veterinară Cluj-Napoca derulează, începând cu luna septembrie 2013, un studiu de analiză a resurselor, nevoilor şi aşteptărilor comunităţilor locale clujene, în scopul integrării acestora în strategia regională agricolă pentru perioada 2014-2020. Reamintim în acest context faptul că, constituit fiind la iniţiativa forului administrativ judeţean, Clusterul AgroTransilvania funcţionează ca o asociaţie profesională al cărei obiectiv principal îl reprezintă dezvoltarea sectorului agro-industrial din judeţul Cluj în vederea creşterii competitivităţii pe piaţa naţională şi internaţională.