The Cluj Innovation City project spans across 25 years of development and collaboration between local, national and international partners. The development strategy needs to be defined and tracked during this period while ensuring continuity despite political and administrative changes. Given the Romanian legal system we have chosen a foundation, Cluj Innovation City Foundation, as the governing body for the project strategy.

The key objectives of the Cluj Innovation City Foundation are:

  • Define and track the development strategy
  • Define and enable the collaboration ecosystem between partners
  • Create the project master plan
  • Promote partners interest with national and international organizations
  • Attract financing for partners projects
  • Attract partners and investors in the project
  • Manage operational entities developed for the project


Clear governing principles were developed during the inception phase of the project. They are used for aiding the decision process and ensure meeting the community interests on the long term:

  • Open Ecosystem - the project evolves permanently and needs to adapt to economical and political changes. Remaining open we ensure efficiency while still keeping the initial vision and strategy.
  • Non-Profit - the governance structure aims at creating value for the partners and indirectly to the community, while it's members will generate profits, given it's mission, should reinvest capital in further development of the community's projects and needs.
  • Sustainable socio-economic development - all components of the project should directly or indirectly contribute to solid, long term economic development while also improving the social conditions of the community.
  • Economy Driven - given the aim of economic sustainability a mix of companies, universities and independent parties should be able to shape decisions for achieving this goal.
  • Decision Equilibrium - there should be a fair split of decision power between all community players: public authorities, universities, companies and independent members.
  • Community Interest - Cluj Innovation City is a project by the community for the community. It should remain so.
  • Private Management - Without efficiency in management, investment is wasted. The Foundation will promote and ensure efficiency through private management in all projects involved. 
  • Independent Members - Adding independent members in the decision process adds external perspective to our project. It help attracting more image capital to the project.
  • Quadruple Helix - industry, universities, public administration, comunity

With each mistake we make, we will improve our guiding principles list to be able to be long term efficient and achieve our goals.



The initial collaboration structure that is driving the project is comprised by public administration, universities and economic representatives part of the Cluj IT Cluster. With time, more partners will be attracted in the governance structure.